Bebe Organic

Bebe Organic

2021 Autumn Winter

" the great escape " " the great escape "

Special focus in this AW21 collection is on innovation. We areconstantly looking for creativity in processes and technologies thatreduce environmental impact and provide a sustainable and safer choicefor children skin and the earth. From this season we have createdan essentials line GAIA (The earth viewed as a vast self-regulatingorganism) that is made of 100% organic cotton, using natural dyesand packaging to bring the most sustainable garment on the market.We have partnered with Eyand company that uses a natural dyeingprocess that has completely redesigned and revolutionised the harmful,conventional dyeing methods and offers a 100% chemical-free approach,guaranteeing quality and duration. In the collection we are also usingtie dye technique on garments with natural dyes. Bebe Organic is firstchildrenswear brand to be using this innovative technology and weare incredibly excited to bring you a natural alternative.


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