2022 Summer Spring

" New Wave, New Way " " New Wave, New Way "

With every wave that rolls in, the ocean reminds us that every moment is renewed. We look to our children of the world as a vision of hope for the future. In the bravery and wonder of children, we ask with this new wave, and this new way, what will you choose and who will you become?
This is no omnium-gatherum. This latest collection is focused and poised to allow each and every child to cultivate their inspiration encouraging their authenticity and uniqueness in style.
Uncompromising on quality Omibia continues to stay with organics. We continue to choose fabrics from suppliers who align with our purpose to protect the skin of our young, in a cleaner and kinder world.
Innovating into this season, we give a nob to the 1930’s with a modern twist, and we designed with the ocean in mind. Ever present is Omibia’s classic style, elevating shapes with roomy trousers and skirts with complimentary tops. And we continue to challenge the structure of our designs with cotton, linen and jersey, keeping up with what children want to wear and how parents want them to wear it.
With our SS22 collection, Omibia offers our first ever swimwear line by welcoming Biosoul to our family of textiles. Made from 91% polyamide and 9% elastane it is our new way of constructingfashion that does not rely on polyester or nylon. Once placed in soil Biosoul will completely biodegrade within five years, and outside of the soil this fabric remains stable and durable, standing against the test of time.
At Omibia we believe that this is the avant grade of where fashion should go. Sustainable fashion that will disappear into the earth without a trace. Rejecting landfills to support the environment,and respecting all life on the planet. It’s our new wave and our new way.