Little Hedonist

Little Hedonist

2021 Autumn Winter


So much of our world is changing, and not always for the better. We all wonder every now and then what will be left of beauty and nature when our children are the age we are now. To let our young ones realise what there is to be lost, we have to let them enjoy the things to loose.Simple things like walking in the woods, digging in soil, seeing animals in their habitats and climbing in mountains. Getting completely dirty and staring at the endless horizon of an ocean. The future of our planet depends on us and on our children; they too need to learn to appreciate it. We preach for unstructured time outside to use their imagination and be allowed to make up their own games, figure things out and amuse themselves. To enter-tain and problem-solve. Let them be vagabonds.

Our AW21 collection is dedicated to sending the children outdoors.We are so proud to introduce to you our AW21 sustainable, no-nonsensebasic couture collection VAGABONDS.

Making sustainable choices does not mean we all have to wear only basic itemsfor 10 years and nothing else. Its also about what raw materials we use. The waywe dye our items or use as less chemicals as possible. Or even better; use none.We want to be transparant. We know who makes our clothes, we take care of ouremployees in the offices, factories and every other place that is part of our pro-duction chain. Wether we call it slow fashion, ethical fashion or eco fashion. It allcontains sustainability. That is our responsibility.


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