2021 Autumn Winter

" Symbiosis " " Symbiosis "

W21.22represents the need to reconnect with nature that has become rooted within us by the pandemic.We long to breathe in fresh, clean air; feel the sea breeze; take in the aroma of the trees; bathe in the heat of the sun...Nature helps us to visualize a brighter future, to find peace of mind and to improve our ability to tackle whatever life brings us.Now, more than ever, we are souls in search of a connection with Mother Nature.This new collection is brimming with natural and organic textiles; the colours of the Earth; nude shades that bring us light;plaids; embroidered flowers...all in keeping with our inspiration.In terms of concept, this collection is a continuation of our Summer SS21 collection. We are emotionally committed to theco sequences of the pandemic and we publicly express this through creation.Creating and expressing heals our souls and now, more than ever, our souls need a safe haven, warmth and comprehension.


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