2021 Autumn Winter

For our disana collection Autumn | Winter 21|22 we use the finest organic merino wool from Patagonia.
Once again, this wonderful natural fibre is the foundation for the knitted and boiled wool articles of the upcoming season that we make at our premises. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern technique and transforms this valuable raw material into a disana garment that meets all expectations. The pieces are everyday talents that highlight the natural beauty of children. Favourite pieces for any kind of fun and joy. Timeless classics and absolute eye-catchers.
As always, our fashion is not loud. Soft colours, that harmonise with each other, highlight the soft wool fabrics and differentiate from the common, garish kids’ fashion. The created colour worlds do not only describe the harmonic interplay of those colours, but represent an own, unique lifestyle. A lifestyle that raises and shapes our children.
Everything is as always – and yet there are so many new things.


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