Konges Slojd

Konges Slojd

2022 Autumu Winter

" Season of joy and comfort " " Season of joy and comfort "

This autumn/winter we have created an artisan assortment filled with fun, quirkiness and effortless silhouettes. Detailed garments, fruit prints, farm animals and embroidery take center stage and set the tone for a collection with rich and bright colours, lending a touch of sunshine to even the darkest of winter evenings.

Our lineup of versatile garments to wear on repeat when the winds blow a little colder includes tactile pieces crafted from gentle cashmere and merino wool. Our wide range of clothing such as flared dresses, nostalgic quilted vests and soft organic cotton shirts are especially made to see you through the festive season.

Fun and functional accessories are given space to shine, and our edit is completed by an array of soft toys, lively berets, beautiful bedding, imaginative tableware and much more. All of our designs are adorned with Konges Sløjd signature prints and colour palette, playful and full of joy.

At Konges Sløjd we embrace the ups and downs, sunshine and clouds of parenthood - and hope to bring a little bit of simplicity and a whole lot of joy into your winter through this very special collection.

Emilie Konge, Founder